Sausage and Superman III pretty much sums up how @simps and I roll.. did I mention Non made an appearance?

Our Uncharted game was somehow unauto saved. I think @sandeepparikh and I’s PS3 is infested with Nargles!

I think Pickles needs a Wampug side kick #STARWARSFRIDAY

YES! Munchkin GoT next please! RT @DarkHorseComics: HBO and Dark Horse Announce Game of Thrones Partnership!

Building Ikea furniture with @sandeepparikh is the best! He just acts like the Swedish chef the whole time!

And copping a feel! RT @gregjeske: Shot this of @JOvsZ and @sandeeparikh sneaking a smooch at last months @NY_Comic_Con

blah blah blah whine. I like to whine and I’m cold blah blah…. blah RT @365Dom: It’s cold and windy. I wore shorts and a T-Shirt today

This might be the perfect way for me to get rid of all those tribbles! bwahahaha! (IT’S FOR THE KIDS!)

I’m ussing my weekly SQQUUUUEEE for this! RT @Agent_M: Photo: SOMEONE GIVE THE DAMN PUPPY HIS CUPCAKE.

RT @DarkHorseComics: Green River Killer - Twitter Chat - Nov. 3rd